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Manipulating a form datasource in a class.

It is possible to pass a datasource bound to a grid in a class and then iterate like a query. In this post, I’ll giving some code snippets to work with form datasource in some other object like classes.

Step 1:
Your method or constructor of the class should be able to recieve FormDataSource type object. This class is used to handle a form datasource. You may send your datasource to this class’ object by other means like calling parm methods.

public void printOpenTransactions(FormDataSource _formDataSource)

Step 2:
Create a Query and QueryRun Objects by calling query() method of the datasource

Query query = _formDataSource.query();
QueryRun queryRun = new QueryRun(query);

Step 3:
Iterate through each record in datasource and get the table buffer to do further processing.

while (queryRun.next())
TableBuffer buffer = queryRun.get(tablenum(TableBuffer));
// do processing on buffer

That’s it.

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