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Recently, I came across a very light and handy tool to find out files stored anywhere on computer at the blink of an eye. Although, windows search have been improved alot lately but still its quite slow. This tool creates file indexes very quickly and therefor privide search results earlier then windows search. its simple and easy... Continue Reading →

How to cache records on run-time in AX?

The simple answer is RecordViewCache class. This class is used to implement set-based caching in your code at run-time. 1.    First declare the variables. CustTrans                    custTrans; RecordViewCache      recordViewCache; 2 .  Call a nofetch query to create a record buffer. It will define the set of records that you want to cache. //Define records to cache select... Continue Reading →

Range of RecID in an AX Table

In every new table the recID (surrogate key) range starts from the no. 5637144576 and since it is int64 so it goes upto 2^63 (9223372036854775808). It also signifies an important fact that we can't have unique recIDs accross different tables.

How to check configuration key in code?

Q: How can I check whether the particular configuration key is enabled or not in the code at runtime? A: Simple, you can use the function isConfigurationkeyEnabled(configurationkeynum(LedgerBasic)) anywhere in the code. It returns a boolean type.

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